It's Russell Kirk Week


Welcome to Russell Kirk week.

Kirk was a titan, both as a scholar and a stylist, and his work has lit the way for many who believe, as we do, that classical thought has something to offer to contemporary culture. That’s why this week, as we recognize the centenary of his birth, we will be providing essays, conversations, and more about Kirk’s life, influence, and enduring value.

On Monday you will find a Russell Kirk primer from Gerald Russello, editor of the University Bookman, which Kirk founded. On Tuesday we will be offering a piece from Dr. Kirk’s wife, Annette, about their life together. On Wednesday our very own Heidi White will be interviewing their daughter, Andrea, about life in the Kirk home, and on Thursday we will be presenting a podcast interview with Brad Birzer, author of a comprehensive biography about Kirk. But that’s not all, so be sure to check in throughout the week.

All of this week’s web content will be free, but thanks to the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal we will also be giving away a bundle of books to one lucky subscriber. So if you like what you’re reading here, and are interested in more of it, make sure you subscribe.

Happy reading. And happy birthday to the incomparable Russell Kirk.